This website contains the current progress  I have made trying to extract any potential details contained in images and videos that I captured during a string of paranormal events  that began occurring in 2018.  Because of  the dark environments present during the evenings when a lot of these images were taken, many photos produced  were to dark to see sufficient  detail and  In some cases non-existent. 
Prolonged exposure time with  my camera provided the oppourtunity to take continuous visual  records of the local environment.   Alterations to the physical environment as well as  physchological interjections allowed me to identifyand react to its changes.   And being consciously aware that my purpose for the time I had involved with whatever it was being  non physical, was  not to be wasted on anything except capturing as many images of these situations I could.  Somewhere in the thousands of photos I would take I knew there was one that would be different so I began sorting through each photo one by one, looking  pixel by pixel  trying to find any out of norm discrepancies
.   Subtle digitial  noise like characteristics . Almost all phenomena that we observed and  engaged with, including light phenomena seemed to interact with us at the consciousness level, having emotional and personal impact and some of which were lasting and produced immense  at timesAbove the physical nature of what one would thinbk a close encounter of the flying saucer kind consists of, Elapsed time it first appeared vity was not visibly   witnes Since the majority of anomolous actised were not physically present to be  whitness  The majority of the images were underexposed frsetting when most of these experiences occurred from the low light available during the nights when an anomolous phenomena urred My findings include Identifiable similarities in om all the data gathering data from a personally witnessed ufo event data gathered through image capturing and processing. project created to share a personA
This website was created to primarily  hold the need to collect , analyse and document  a consciousness primary  phenomena that appeared suddenly in front of 3 witnesses back in the Summer of 2018, and continuing on for one of the witnesses into the next year. This happened in the areas of Stratford and Mitchell Ontario Canada. After the first week, much of the phenomena that was observed had vanished from the naked eye, yet it left behind a conscious connection to something that led me along a path to end up creating this site.  
I have spent countless hours trying to sift through the emotions, thoughts, images, videos and documents to find any sort of truth to what I was experiencing.  What I have posted is up for reinterpretation at any time ,  and could be removed and changed at any notice.  I'm looking to share this information with the worlds researchers one day.
To back my case, I have gathered a few documents of a similar case and even filmed an unknown craft being pursued by a fighter jet. I have produced some interesting edits taken from my photographs and videos  which show definable details to something that was physically in front of my camera at the time I was recording. 
Below is my appearance on The Experiencer Support Association (TESA) podcast on December 3rd 2020.
Website is still under construction.
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